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Enivrez-Vous (for mezzo soprano and guitar, 4 minutes)


River Songs (for mezzo soprano and guitar, 10.4 minutes)

1. What the Swan Saw 


2. What the Swans Inspired 


3. What the Swans Endured


Irrigate Well for mezzo soprano, cello, and piano (3 minutes)


Mr. Ramsay Remembers, a monodrama in 3 parts for tenor and piano (on text by Virginia Woolf, 19 minutes)


Choosing a Life, a monodrama in 7 parts for soprano, cello, and piano (on poetry of Christina Rossetti, 18.5 minutes)


SIT ! for SSAA women's voices a cappella (3 minutes)


War is Kind, for SATB and chamber ensemble (on poetry of Stephen Crane, 10.5 minutes) 









Chamber Music

En Piste for flutes and vibraphone (4 sections, 6 minutes) 


To Forgive Oneself for string quartet (4 movements, 13 minutes) 


Deep Forest, No Moon (piano solo, 10 minutes) 


Variations B.PC2.II for mixed ensemble - flute, cello, percussion, elec. guitar, piano (7 minutes)


A Family Christmas for actors, narrator, clarinet, trumpet, and piano (15-20 minutes)


Restless Dreams for flute and alto saxophone (7 minutes)


Doubt at the Cusp of Control for percussion ensemble (3.3 minutes)


Menagerie for alto saxophone and bassoon ( 8.5 minutes)

 1. Fast and Furtive


  2. The Heron


  3. My Houn Dawg




Fantasia for Strings for string orchestra (6 minutes)